Imagine this: You have days to live. You are healthy, though. You've already spent enough time with your family. You want to do something special for yourself, something exciting, something that overcomes your boundaries. You don't have enough money to do that "see the world in a day" thing. You need to stay in the city. What's the first thing that comes to mind? Now ask yourself this: why the hell haven't I done that already?

Here's your chance to help us help you!

We're two friends who have set aside time right now to try to live life to the fullest. This is because there might not be time for us to do these things in the future, for both natural and non-natural reasons. So we're soliciting your help in deciding what we should do. So far we have been the subjects of an art class (check!). Organized a poetry reading and discussion (check!). We're trying to write a song (getting there!?). We are planning to meditate at a Zen Buddhist Temple (ohm). We're also planning to, first, eat Big Macs, and then, second, eat super expensive desert (you're welcome to come: just drop us a line).  

We're looking for new ideas and we are very open, though we like our lives (and one of us spends a lot of time trying to stay alive), so we're not looking to become daredevils. We're looking to meet some new, interesting people, and help them achieve their goals, just as we are achieving ours. 

Here's how it works. All you have to do is submit an idea. Make sure it doesn't cost too much money (within $50 is okay) and doesn't involve anything (too) illegal and is, or can be made, safe. Then, everyone will vote for the best idea. Whatever the winning idea is, we'll do it. And bring the winner along (we'll pay for your costs!).